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is there anyone know when DBSK will come?? i really like them, so i want to go to airport to see them. i got a ticket of seat in F1, i think it is kind of far, but i want to see them closer, so if anyone knows, please tell me, thanks a lot~~~ 

Looking for tickets!!

If you are selling pool or garden tickets please contact me! I will pay whatever!



i was wondering if there was anyone else selling tickets via LJ or SOOMPI...

i am looking for three garden seats~


lineup thus far

Hi, I'm new to the community! I just thought I would post up the lineup for the KMF 08 because from what I've seen online, no one posted up a complete list. Or at least a compiled list. So here you go, what's been released so far:

Fly to the Sky
SG Wannabe
Super Junior T
Wonder Girls
Lee Hyo Ri
Oak Ju Hyun
Tae Jina
Shin Joong Hyun
Yun Hyung Joo
Kim Se Hwan
Choi Baek Ho
Jung Hoon Hee
Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ)

source: K-Melody; {http://kpoplover4ever.wordpress.com/korean-music-festival/}

Last night when I discovered DBSK was going to be there I was screaming my head off to a sleeping household lol. I normally keep composure... I'm not one of those fangirls... but DBSK make me this way XD I was hoping Big Bang and Epik High would be there... as well as ALL of Super Junior... but I do like SJT so it should be all good... as long as I have my DBSK!

Dear Friends,

As we promised, we are starting to release the artist list for the 2008 Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. We plan to release 2~3 artists at a time starting from today and will continue to do so until the first week of April.

As a starter, we are pleased to present you two of the most talented R&B singers of Korea,

Fly to the Sky and SG Wannabe.

Tickets will be available for pickup in the designated locations starting from Monday, March 17th. You can either present the confirmation sheet or simply name and phone number when pick up.

Next lineup shall be released on Friday, March 21st. Any names we do not announce must be deemed as "unconfirmed".

Thank you.

All the best,
C.S. Hah
Director, Special Events
The Korea Times U.S.A.
Hi :) I'm currently holding an auction selling four front row garden box seats as well as one other garden box seat for Hollywood Bowl on my journal ( here ). All important information regarding the tickets are on that post :D

Thanks for your time!

Feb. 4th, 2008

credit: khype.com, koreatimes

Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you well, and thank you for all your grateful support and interest in our 2008 Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

This year’s concert is set for 6:30pm, Saturday, May 17. Pre-concert festivity shall begin around 2:30pm on the same day in front of the Box Office. I trust that our corporate sponsors would distribute lots of giveaway items, so please come early and enjoy the benefits.

As you are aware, we activated web-sales system last month to better serve you and give everyone a fair chance in purchasing process. Fyi, we have increasing number of audiences, estimating more than 2,000 I believe, calling from other states and countries, and we felt that we had to give them the same chance that folks in LA receive.

Although there were some issues that we needed to improve, we plan to use the system as the main tool for ticket sales in the future. Our staffs have been working hard to facilitate any technical problem, so please do not hesitate to call ticket office at 323-692-2055/2068/2070 for inquiries.

Tickets will be available for pick-up in March just as last year. Since there is an ample time left until the show date and more importantly we keep all the individual records of sales transaction and seating assignment, you can trust us there should not be any problem on this. So please be patient.

As for the artists, we have locked in 12 top-notched performers so far. We are currently working on 4~5 additional artists and plan to release the names some point in March. Therefore any name or list you hear until then should be considered as "unconfirmed".

We will continue to check your posts and opinions on the websites regularly and will try to respond to them as promptly as possible. Thank you.

All the best,
C.S. Hah
Director, Special Events
The Korea Times U.S.A.

So. 12 top notch eh? SUPER JUNIOR? I HOPE? AGAIN? ASasfjsf

CJ Big 4 in Las Vegas Concert

My recount of the concert.

That post will be left public for about a week or so. Check it out if you want to. There's pictures of the concert there as well as a short video of Epik High. :)


HEY GUYS. There's a concert coming up in a couple of weeks, not a KMF, but it's still a concert. :">

EVENT NAME: CJ Korea Big 4

ARTIST LINE UP: Lee Hyori, SG Wannabe, Epik High, Seeya

DATES & LOCATION: August 4th, 2007 (NYC) and August 11th, 2007 (Las Vegas)

more infoCollapse )

I will be going to the Las Vegas show, hope to see some people there? If you're planning on going to LV, let me know if you need hotel accomodations - I've got a room by myself for a night (the 11th-12th) and I wouldn't mind splitting the cost.

Setlist 2007.

Quick favor. Does anyone have the setlist of the entire KMF 2007? Including the artist's names. I want to put something together to remember it. *_* Thank you so much!