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artists announced

First batch of artists were announced the other day via the Korea Times' Twitter:
"Korea Times Music Festival is pleased to announce the first group of artists: Choi Sung-Soo, 2PM, Wonder Girls, HAHA(MC)."
source: http://twitter.com/koreatimes/status/9375559674

The second batch will be released Friday at midnight.

I'm really hoping to see Big Bang & Lee Hyori!

btw is anyone else having trouble buying tickets online? If I have to call, can I call whenever I feel, or only during office hours?

the trouble i am having is this:
i didnt go to kmf last year, but i went the year before and i ordered by phone. something tells me i ordered by phone bc i couldnt on the internet -.- but i dont exactly remember. anyway my dilemma now is that after i choose the section i want, it offers me actual seats (exact row & exact seat) and i click "select" to continue the purchase process. then it says up top:
"We're holding these tickets just for you. Please complete this page within 2 minutes
After 2 minutes, the tickets we're holding will be released for others to buy."
BUT... i cant... do anything on that page. it says to "finish within two minutes" but the only thing i can do is choose delivery options (will call, mail, pick up etc.) from a drop-down box and then the only other thing to click is "back." also, this is the cart page and there's nothing in the cart. it even says $0 as the total. the hell?

[[b]edit[/b] again on march 6th]
I ended up buying my tickets by phone :/


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Feb. 25th, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
lol no no, thanks for the info!

im gonna edit my post to show specifically what i mean ^^' i wanna know if maybe other ppl are going through the same thing.
Feb. 25th, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
I went through the same thing on the day tickets were released luckily I managed to snag some by phone after half an hour of redialing.
So far I don't think anyone has a fix to this. I'd suggest making another account but when I tried that it did the same thing again with nothing in the cart.
It's weird because I had no problem ordering last year through the internet.
So my suggestion is to order by phone.
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